Kairos Comic 1

Kairos by Annamaria Ward

Adventures of a boy called Rookie. Now in the Fauier Times Friday paper (Fauquier Friday)


Here is my copy of the newspaper with my comic Kairos in it! It is a little smaller than I hoped, but nevertheless this is really cool! I am really excited and grateful that the Fauquier Times let me have my comic in their Fauquier Friday Newspaper!  You should follow their instagram or facebook page, I will sometimes post stuff their. 

If you live in fauquier county or are an artist have you seen my comic? How could I improve? I appreciate any advice :)

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My new comic ‘Kairos’ is officially in the Fauquier Times newspaper! I can’t believe it!  My first “by line.” 

Just doodling some hand studies. Hands can be tough!

Comic comic comic!

So I’m going to have my first comic in a newspaper ever! The editor said the characters and the comic remain mine. Fauquier times! I’m so excited! I will post it on here after it comes out in the papers. :) woot woot! Wish me luck! Watch out for my byline!

Fashion idea doodles by Annamaria 

So I’m quite starstruck! I know I usually just post my artwork on my tumblr, but I HAVE to tell you about my experience at the Library of congress. I am taking an art history for comics class this summer and the teacher has some connections with the library of congress graphics department. It was so lovely because we got to see actual drawings NOT PRINTS of various comic artists.

I’m star struck because I got to see a Dream of The Rarebit Fiend drawing by the one and only WINSOR MCCAY! Yes! You read correctly! Winsor McCay! and You can still see some pencil marks in his work! It was amazing to be able to zoom in on the drawing and view it in such detail!

They also had a drawing by A.B. Frost which my father adores ( he joined me on the adventure) . So cool to see some American Comic history especially from these legends.

Speaking of legends, they had a copy of Will Eisners book “City People Notebook.” Which they let me flip through after I asked for permission. BUT NO JOKE I flipped to the front to see the table of contents and there it was….. Will Eisners signature… graphite pencil in all its glory. Very cool.

I just can’t believe all the original work they let me be so close to. I will see if I can get a Library Card there. Apparently its difficult, but after seeing such lovely historic work related to both comics and animation, my passions, I just have to try.

Thats as close as I will get to a 4th of July post! ( Yes I do realize its the 9th of July) Hurray for American Art History!

I will post some more pics from the trip later on.

Damsels by Annamaria

Playing with a simpler painting style.